Want to write pitches that make a travel editor pounce? How do you write features that make an editor go “wow”? What are the ethics of travel writing? How do you get into travel media? What is ‘decolonising travel writing’? How can freelance travel journalists work ‘smarter’? How do you manage your mental health and wellbeing? Can we work better with travel PRs? How do you build and maintain good relationships with editors?

All this and more will be covered in upcoming professional development sessions aimed at travel journalists and writers, with panels featuring some of the best in the business. The last webinar took place on Thursday 18th April 2024 and discussed how travel journalists can work better with travel PRs.

You can also buy the inaugural September 2023 webinar, The fine art of pitching (and following up…), November’s How to write travel features to wow your editor (and get re-commissioned…) and February’s FREE webinar: Time to talk: How can we protect our mental health and wellbeing as travel writers? All webinars are available here and include recording and resources.

NOTE: Everyone who registers for any webinar will receive a recording and any resources within one week of the live session.

Travel Writing Webinars is founded by me, Meera Dattani, a freelance travel journalist and travel editor. This first series of Travel Writing Webinars is supported by Talking Travel Writing, the Substack newsletter that promises to demystify the travel media for freelancers forging a career in travel writing. The April 2024 webinar , ‘Working smarter with travel PRs’ was also sponsored by Adventure Travel Networking.

Any questions, please do email me. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Webinars available to buy